Just read a fascinating article on the Quartz website: “Stop coddling your dog — he’s 99.9% wolf.” Written by Kevin Ashton and focused largely on the recent work of famed dog trainer Cesar Millan, the piece contains more information about dogs that was new to me that anything I’ve read in a long time.  Among the interesting tidbits: A century ago, there were about 1 million dogs in America, one for every hundred peopleFifty years ago, there were 30 million dogs, one for every six peopleToday, there are 80 million dogs, one for every four peopleEight million (one in 10) of these animals are in shelters.” And the fact that Hitler slept with a German shepherd.

More important is the bigger theme of what’s the best approach to dog training. The article should be of interest to not just puppy raisers but anyone who lives with — or just likes — dogs.

Tucker’s in touch with his inner wolf (sometimes)

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