Steve and I think Dionne seems cut out to be a working dog.  Unfortunately, the line of work may be different from what CCI would like from her. We can envision her with a career as a screenwriter. She’s so inventive! Here’s the latest.

We took her with us to the Clairemont theater last night to see Saving Mr. Banks, the Tom Hanks/Emma Thompson film about the making of Mary Poppins, the film. The three of us have been in that theater many times.  Dionne, on Steve’s right, seemed quiet; well behaved. But somewhere about halfway through, Steve suddenly noticed that she was no longer on her leash.

She’d chewed herself free from it! While we were engrossed in the movie, SHE was thinking Great Escape! Born Free! Breaking Bad!

Thankfully, mercifully, she didn’t just slink off in the dark, nosing around for popcorn the way some hounds hunt truffles. (She’s so black, she probably could have gotten away with that.)
Steve has a solution to prevent this from ever happening again. He says we should have removed her Gentle Leader and connected the leash directly to her collar. We’ll do that in the future. (But by then her agile mind will have moved on…)

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