One of the things I love about dogs is how adaptable they are. Unlike human teenagers, they never whine about how much more fun they had someplace else. Although partying at Kathy Alameda’s house enabled Dionne and Ella to zoom around in a big space for hours on end, they never rolled their eyes and said snarky things about how much less room they had, once they’d moved here. They seemed to love being together even in the cozier spaces.

They engaged in huge amounts of neck-biting, for hours and hours. They’re both energetic girls, and at times they seemed to literally bounce off the walls.

This kind of roughhousing is very hard on any house, and Steve and I sometimes made them go outdoors, to burn off some of that energy. But unlike Dionne, Ella’s a swimmer, and she would invariably follow her dips by romping through the muddier parts of the yard.
At that point, the only solution was to kennel them. Ella had her own kennel, but she and Dionne seemed to enjoy hanging out in Dionne’s larger one.

It permitted more neck-biting!
Occasionally, they would crash. The ever-patient Mr. Tucker even let them share his bed.

Scenes like that made the increased levels of squalor easier to take.
And all things come to an end. Kathy arrived Friday afternoon to take Ella home again. She called yesterday to report that Ella seemed depressed.

I might say the same for Dionne. Except that Saturday morning Cletus arrived! More on that adventure soon.

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