Last week when Steve took Dionne to the vet because she was limping, he noted this poster on one of the walls:

We figure Dionne has eaten at least 5 of the 10 — socks, rocks, balls, chew toys, and sticks. (Does that make her average? Or above average?) Fortunately she’s never eaten enough of any of them to require surgery. And with less than three months until her departure for advance training up in Oceanside, you can bet we will not be leaving any bones or corn cobs or underwear unguarded. (Happily hair ties and pantyhose are not much in evidence around here.)

Also happily, we have not had to return to the vet this week. The limp has completely disappeared. The dreadful  cystic growth has shrunk and toughened. It’s now almost indistinguishable on her paw.

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