This is what she looked like a year ago.
What’s she doing now?

Two small but encouraging developments:

The first was a letter from CCI last weekend. Steve’s reaction to the envelope was, “Uh-oh.” But it turned out to be a note from Becca, thanking us again for our work in raising Dionne and informing us that her trainer is Kyle (new to us). We would get more details about her progress in the first professional training progress report, Becca said. (I believe that’s due to be emailed around July 9.)

Hmmm, we thought. If they were going to release Dionne very, very soon, they probably wouldn’t have wasted that stamp on us.

Among our first four puppies, the earliest to be released was #4 — Darby. I had calculated how many days elapsed between her turn-in and The Call. Then I applied the same formula to Dionne, using the date she should have been turned in (May 16). By this formula, if we had received The Call about her yesterday, she would have survived in Advance Training for exactly the same amount of time as Darby.

But no call came yesterday! This means Dionne has at least beaten Darby’s record.

Stay tuned.