Kyndall’s extended family ties

122014 3-week old Kyndall
Kyndall, about 3 weeks old

Thanks to the Internet (and the legacy of Mark Zuckerberg), our life with Kyndall has started off with a lovely bonus. Within just hours of Kyndall’s arrival and my subsequent post, I heard from the woman in Union City, California who raised Kyndall’s mother, a golden beauty named Sophie. She now has one of Kyndall’s sisters, Kihei, and she’s formed a Facebook group for the folks who are raising Sophie’s “K” litter (or at least all those she can find).






From that group’s page, I’ve picked up several interesting tidbits about Kyndall’s pre-San Diego life. For example, There were only six puppies in the litter, five girls (Keeper, Kihei, Kyndall, Kawika and Kimono) and one boy (Kentucky.) I’ve seen some great photos, both of the infant Kyndall, her elegant (first-time) mother,


122014 Momma Sophie

and her studly father, Verl.

122014 K's dad Verl

I’ve never before had such an extensive connection with one of our CCI’s pup’s litter mates (and their puppy raisers).  CCI has never actively fostered such connections, to my knowledge, though they can develop in various ways. Our fourth puppy, Darby, came from the first-time litter of some very enthusiastic breeder-caretakers from whom we heard often, in e-mail. I also got occasional messages from some of Dionne’s extended family members. But I never heard anything from anyone else connected to our first three CCI charges.

I hope the current group stays active. It could be interesting to compare notes on how the individual dogs progress.



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