A very different puppy Christmas

122614 Xmas pup1

Kendall’s Christmas gift to us was to sleep almost all day long. She took breaks every now and then to watch us open presents, play, and look adorable. But she astounded us by how much she slept. She snoozed for several hours in the morning.

122614 Xmas pup2


Then she slept most of the afternoon. After a break for dinner, she drifted off again. She capped all this off by sleeping from 10 p.m. until 4:45.122614 Xmas pup5

We’ve never experienced anything like this before. Our last puppy, Dionne, slept during the day only rarely, and on prior Christmases when we had young dogs, they attacked the tree and occasionally threatened to bring it down. Given this history, this year we rigged a barricade between our kitchen area and the Tree Attack zone that’s both ugly and inconvenient.

122614 Xmas pup3

But it’s effective. Given how sleepy Kyndall was yesterday, however, we felt comfortable in dismantling it by the end of the afternoon.

One sad note was struck not by Kyndall but by Tucker, our 10-year-old CCI release dog. Tucker has long adored Christmas for its association with rawhide pigs’ ears. He’s gotten them in the doggy stocking for many years, and he typically walks around with one in his mouth, wagging and wagging his tail as if the very thought of what he was about to consume filled him with happiness. Then he chomps them briefly and swallows them like potato chips. We’ve allowed him to eat two or three some years; it never seemed to phase him. But this year, after a single pig’s ear he was making scarily nauseated noises. Clearly, his aging digestive system cannot handle them any more.

122614 Xmas pup4

Rawhide chews are forbidden to CCI puppies, so Kyndall didn’t come anywhere near one. Our gift to her was a Nylabone set of puppy teething keys. She gnawed on it for a few minutes. Between naps.




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