We were getting a little overconfident, is my guess.  The Dog Gods looked at us and said, “Those two are acting as if they got a perfect puppy. Mwah-ah-ah! Let’s show them a thing or two!” Kyndall has typically been waking in the middle of the night, and she did that again, whining around 3:15 a.m. Steve took it for the team, lugging her out into cold. She pooped and peed, and we told ourselves she really did need to relieve herself.

But then she woke us with more whining at 4:30. I reprimanded her and ordered her to be Quiet! She persisted, and I took her out again. To my amazement, she pooped and peed again.

Steve and I struggled to get back to sleep and only half succeeded. Around 6, I began to hear Kyndall stirring at first and then whining again. I got out of bed, dressed, and took both her and Tucker outside into the pre-dawn gloom. Incredibly, she once again urinated and defecated in quick succession.

123014 moray eel
Steve says this is Kyndall’s impression of a moray eel.

I need to add that none of these solid waste deposits resembled diarrhea. But when she went yet again a few times throughout the day, things began to look looser and more suspicious. Now we’re speculating she may have swallowed some of those twig bits and palm-tree seeds she’s been snatching up and chewing on, and maybe it irritated her digestive track.

We can only hope it clears up soon. Not only do we desperately need a good night sleep in preparation for the looming New Year’s Eve festivities (to which she’ll accompany us), but there’s a cold wet storm blowing in. If it was unpleasant going out into the dark and cold last night, it will be worse tonight.

Once again, it strikes me that it’s a good thing puppies, like infants, are so adorable. Otherwise, it might be tempting to lose one’s temper with them. But who could do that when they look like this?

123014 lover

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