A speaker in the making

012115 Woof

I’m a sucker for dogs who Speak. I realize, of course, that the Speak command is one of CCI’s rare optional ones. Some dogs will do it, but others just won’t. We’ve had one or two who were resolutely mute. Still, those that do tickle me. And I think Kyndall will soon join that club.

As is evident in the following clip, she’s a little confused about Speak versus Down (versus jump up and paw the command-giver.) But it’s coming…



3 thoughts on “A speaker in the making

  1. Jeanette,

    I am loving these posts! I just played the last video and Darby heard your voice and ran to the door to find you.

    I loved the video on wilding! Darby still does this to this day at 4 yrs. old. Doesn’t matter if I took her for a run to get energy out, she still gets the “crazies”, as Kayla calls them, from time to time.

    Hope you are having fun!

    Kerri, Joe, Kayla and Darbs!


    1. That’s so amazing to hear about Darby recognizing my voice! And I love that term (the crazies). But sweet Darby always had a LOT of energy.
      Hope you get to meet Kyndall someday soon.


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