Two steps forward, one step back

012815 peeI’ve been feeling almost smug in the last few days. We’ve seen Kyndall make some real breakthroughs. Almost a week ago, I stopped carrying her down the stairs from our bedroom for the first toileting break of the morning. I’ve hustled her along quite fiercely, but it’s been effective. She hasn’t once stopped to squat and pee on her way out, despite how urgently she sometimes does that once she’s outside.

We’ve seen progress, too, on the chewing front. I think she’s starting to get that we really don’t like being bitten by her. She still tries, from time to time, but she’s not persisting as much as she was a few weeks ago. The number of gouges on our hands is diminishing.

Tucker also has been training her. A few nights ago, she did something that must have really made him mad (we didn’t see what it was). He snarled and barked at her, and instead of screaming just once, she emitted loud squeals of terror for several long seconds. We think it was terror, rather than pain, as she bore no sign of being bitten. Whatever she did and he did, she’s been downright deferential to him since then. When he’s eating out of his bowl or licking a plate, she gives him a wide berth.

So it was a startling disappointment this afternoon to see her blithely squat down next to Steve and me in the kitchen and pee a substantial puddle. This was only an hour or so after Steve took her out and she peed, and then took her on a short walk during which she peed again.

What was she thinking? Then again, what am I thinking? She’s not yet three and a half months old but already adjusting beautifully to life with us — most of the time.

012815 looking small
She’s still a very little girl.




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