Puppy paperwork

020215 puppy report


I just filled out and e-mailed the first monthly progress report for Kyndall — not the most exciting milestone for these early days, but one of our official duties as puppy-raisers. Fortunately, there’s not a great deal of bureaucratic paperwork associated with raising a puppy for CCI; this is the biggest part of it, and being able to do it with an electronic, e-mailable form makes it more tolerable.

As far as we can recall, none of our previous CCI puppies has been working on so many commands by this early age (just 15 weeks), nor have any had so few checkmarks on page 2, where BAD behaviors are listed. Kyndall is the easiest puppy we’ve had so far.

3 thoughts on “Puppy paperwork

  1. Hi Jeanette. Frank and I have been following Kyndall’s progress through your stories and we are really excited to meet her at the end of March when you go to your film festival!


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