A new calling for Tucker?

We’ve been known to occasionally make rude comments about Tucker, who was released by CCI before he could begin a life of service, to instead become a dog of leisure. When we make him stay with Kyndall in Steve’s office (where we have a huge crate for her), we’ll remind him that he needs to work occasionally, as a babysitter, rather than exclusively being a bum. Today we saw another possible job for him: as barricade.

It was a beautiful morning, the kind of day when he loves nothing better than to bask in the sunlight on the doorway between Steve’s office and the patio. He props his head against the door jam. (It doesn’t look very comfortable, but he assumes the position voluntarily.) Kyndall was inside, but she could see outside and Steve could enjoy the warm breezes and sunlight.

What particularly interested me was how completely unwilling Kyndall was to step over Tucker. Clearly she felt it would irritate him to the point of snarling at her. (We know him better than that, but we didn’t feel like letting her in on what a softy Tucker is.) The setup worked perfectly for about 10 minutes. Then Tucker moved, and Kyndall sauntered outdoors to seek some rotting tangerines or sticks to gnaw on. 020415

One thought on “A new calling for Tucker?

  1. My cat and I have the litter box situation worked out, so I have a fence if you want something more permanent than Tucker.


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