The princess bathes

021515 first bath1






Kyndall got her first bath in Southern California on December 17, the day we picked her up from the Southwest regional headquarters. I was talking to the puppy-program director when the bathing was going on, but my friend who accompanied me that morning watched it and later told me she seemed astonishingly calm.

Steve and I haven’t bathed her since. It’s been cold, and she didn’t look dirty. But the weather has been very warm for the past few days, and she’s been scratching a lot, reminding us that it’s almost time to treat her for fleas again. Moreover, a warm, sunny day is the perfect time to introduce a young puppy to the experience of at-home bathing.

So right after lunch, we hauled out the bathing gear. Kyndall was a princess. She stood still for the wetting and soaping and scrubbing and most of the rinsing. (When I hit the hose spray a little too heavily, she got nervous but seemed to quickly recover.) She loved the towel-drying, then lay calmly in her exercise pen, watching as Tucker submitted to his turn for bathing. (Or torture, as he tends to think of it. It’s taken years and years for him to resign himself to the experience.)

Now the two of them are racked out on the luxurious new dog bed I simply could NOT resist buying yesterday at Costco. Every princess needs to lounge on memory-foam, Kyndall assures me.

021515 apres bath1

021515 apres bath2






One thought on “The princess bathes

  1. Memory foam! And I thought it was just immunizations that put your canine care above some parents’ kid care! So cute the way she’s tucked in behind Tucker.


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