The birdcage cover effect

After I wrote the other day about Kyndall’s habit of waking at dawn, I got a very welcome suggestion from the person who’s raising Kyndall’s sister, Kihei. While Kihei also was early riser, her puppy-raiser described having luck at delaying the puppy’s wake-up time by covering her kennel to make it darker.

I expressed some concern about any such cover limiting the air supply, but Kat explained, “My crate is tucked in a corner so she can’t see anything through the back and one side but the wall but it’s far enough away so she gets air. Then I cover the front door and half of the other side with a sheet so it’s not too heavy and still breathes a little….if she is covered and the other dogs don’t need to go out she has slept until 9, but more normally she sleeps until 7-7:30.”

That sounded fantastic, so Saturday afternoon I pushed Kyndall’s crate into the corner and covered it with a woolen throw. Like this:

022315 birdcage
The left side isn’t covered at all, so she certainly gets enough air to breathe.


Sunday morning she slept until 5:45 a.m. — better than 5:30, we reasoned. This morning she kept quiet until almost 6. Better still, we exulted!

We’ll have to wait until next weekend to continue trying to train her to sleep later, as while Steve and I go on a short trip, Kyndall will stay with LeAnn Buchanan, our original CCI puppy mentor. She’ll probably learn more from LeAnn than we could teach her in four weeks. And have more fun, to boot.


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