Dirty ears

Steve’s the official ear-cleaner in our house (also the official canine tooth-brusher and nail-filer). Although Kyndall seems to dislike having her teeth brushed, she’s very good about having her ears swabbed.

030315 ears4

030315 ears3
We don’t watch a lot of television, but whenever we do, that’s our prime time for dog grooming.

If she’s serene, Steve is pretty appalled by the brown smears he routinely sees on the cotton balls. He says Kyndall (at just a bit over 4 months) has much dirtier ears than 10-year-old Tucker.030315 ears2

We have no real explanation for this. Our dogs who’ve been swimmers seem to have had dirtier ear channels, for some reason. But Kyndall hasn’t yet so much as fallen in the pool. She does have large and beautiful ears, so we wonder if there’s less air circulation, and if that has some impact.

Whenever they get accidentally flipped back, we try to resist the urge to rearrange them.

030315 ears1
It always makes me think she’s doing an impression of a Basenji.



2 thoughts on “Dirty ears

  1. Try using Veterinarians Best ear cleaner and drying lotion. My lab had horrid ear problems and the meds my vet gave me did little good. This stuff cleaned them up and KEPT them in good shape. I hardly ever have to do anything to them anymore.


    1. Thanks, Sharon! I just checked on Amazon. Does it come in two separate bottles — one for cleaning and one for drying? I’d like to try it but want to make sure I order the right stuff.


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