What BIG teeth she has

When young humans lose their baby teeth (at least in modern America), it’s a big deal. The Tooth Fairy makes an appearance; money is involved. In contrast, when young dogs lose their baby teeth, you can entirely miss it.

010415 jaws1

In Kyndall’s case, we know she had baby teeth.  She routinely sunk them into us; they drew blood. Back in January, I blogged about how obnoxious they were.

But here it is, barely two months later, and when we looked in her mouth yesterday, the only razor-sharp remnants were the four little canine daggers. Where did the other teeth go? (We assume she swallowed them).

This is a happy landmark. Steve claims to have read that it can take a year or so for the adult teeth to become fully set in the dog’s mouth. But Kyndall’s not a terribly chewy puppy, which means she’s not very destructive. And unpleasant encounters between her mouth and are skin are rare.



031115 teeth1
She really hates having her mouth held open to show off her chompers.
031115 teeth2
Notes the big canine beginning to emerge from her gum. It will displace that dangerous little baby canine.

Perils still lurk. Although Steve regularly makes an effort to file them, Kyndall’s claws are still fiendishly sharp. They won’t fall out. I think they just have to grow bigger and duller.


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