Blondes rule (as least when it comes to expressiveness)

031315 sharpei
Okay, Kyndall isn’t this wrinkled. But she has a way more complicated face than any black puppy.

During the 10-plus years we’ve been raising CCI puppies, we’ve met our share of bigots. I won’t identify them, but we have one good friend who all but sneers at any puppy who’s not black. We know others who only love dogs with as much Golden in them as possible (the fluffier, the better.)

Steve and I have tried to be more even-handed. My own first childhood Labradors both were black, and I was crazy about each of them. Since becoming puppy-raisers, we’ve received no less than three black females, and I can certainly appreciate the purity of their glossy ebony beauty. But now that we’re immersed in raising Kyndall, I’m remembering my own strong prejudice in the black v. white divide: I prefer blondes — for good reason (as I see it.)

I love the way you can see the subtlest movements of their facial muscles. Kyndall can look quizzical. Or worried. Or fretful. Or pensive. This isn’t something that’s only apparent to us because we’re veteran puppy-raisers. Complete strangers have commented on it in public. Sometimes the furrows in Kyndall’s brow get so pronounced, she seems to be feeling half a dozen emotions simultaneously. You could begin to think she was part Shar Pei.

All those facial expressions make her seem intelligent (I think). But they’re also so fleeting, it isn’t easy to capture them with a camera. Still, I’ve tried. Here are a few:

031315 furrows3
I may be small, but I can try to dominate Tucker.


031315 furrows2
This one’s easy to read: let’s play!
031315 furrows4
She frequently looks worried when she’s caped and leashed. Worried about making a mistake?


031315 furrows1
A subtle frown can make a girl look…. deep.


One thought on “Blondes rule (as least when it comes to expressiveness)

  1. She does emote! When we had sable shelties, I didn’t think black ones were as attractive. Now I’ve switched! It’s at least partly true that beauty if in the eye of the beholder.


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