Garden gnome

Saturday was the first day of spring. The local master gardeners held their annual seminar and plant sale, and I bought several specimens to fill in some of our bare patches. The weather was beautiful, and Steve toiled long and hard Sunday and into Monday on some complex irrigation problem-solving. We also planted the young banana plants I gave him for Christmas.

Throughout some of this activity, we let Kyndall off-leash. I think these rare hours of relative freedom must feel like paradise to our CCI puppies. They wander around in a kind of delirious daze, smelling the myriad smells. Kyndall still loves to chew on sticks, and there were times when she simply stared, enthralled, by Steve’s activity, and times when she basked in the sun.

032515 garden dog
Why aren’t all days like this day?


032415 plant kennel
The baby banana tree, protected from puppy ravishment.

But alas, she also couldn’t resist digging. (Few puppies can.) The breaking point for Steve came when she leapt up into the bed where he had just planted the fragile baby banana plant. She lunged at it.

Fortunately, he stopped her before she could murder it. He kenneled her. Then he kenneled the banana plant.

Maybe some months down the road, the time will come when she’ll be able to enjoy extended time in the garden. She’d love that.  I would too.

One thought on “Garden gnome

  1. Kyndall’s “help” sounds a little like my grandkids “help!” At least with them, I tell myself I’m training them for the future help they might actually be.


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