So smart. (Too smart?)

030515 out please
May I go out, please?

Of all the CCI puppies we’ve raised, we can’t remember any that were as good as Kyndall about communicating when she needs to go out. It’s as if someone gave her the Manual for Well-Behaved Puppies, and she actually read it. She sits in front of the closed door, looking expectant. If we don’t pay attention, she’ll give a little whine. If we’re still being dense, she may emit a quiet bark.

The fact that she has learned to do this doubtless contributes to the extreme rarity of her toileting errors in the house. She’s only four and a half months old, so we still try to take her out every hour or two. But when we forget, it’s great that she has a way of reminding us.

Only today did we begin to wonder if perhaps she has mastered this skill a little… too well. She’s spent a lot of the day with Tucker in Steve’s office, and she has asked to go out at least a half dozen times. Steve has obliged her, and some of the times she has peed or pooped in the yard. But several outings seemed to be instead an expression of her opinion that it would be more interesting to be outside in the sunshine, instead of resting quietly in the office. It would be even better if Steve would just release her from that leash and give her some alone time to commune with nature.

She’s basically a good girl, so we doubt that this will be a big problem. But it’s coming increasingly clear that she’s also a smart girl.


Dirty ears

Steve’s the official ear-cleaner in our house (also the official canine tooth-brusher and nail-filer). Although Kyndall seems to dislike having her teeth brushed, she’s very good about having her ears swabbed.

030315 ears4

030315 ears3
We don’t watch a lot of television, but whenever we do, that’s our prime time for dog grooming.

If she’s serene, Steve is pretty appalled by the brown smears he routinely sees on the cotton balls. He says Kyndall (at just a bit over 4 months) has much dirtier ears than 10-year-old Tucker.030315 ears2

We have no real explanation for this. Our dogs who’ve been swimmers seem to have had dirtier ear channels, for some reason. But Kyndall hasn’t yet so much as fallen in the pool. She does have large and beautiful ears, so we wonder if there’s less air circulation, and if that has some impact.

Whenever they get accidentally flipped back, we try to resist the urge to rearrange them.

030315 ears1
It always makes me think she’s doing an impression of a Basenji.