A kinderpup no more

Puppies turn into dogs so fast. Few things drive that point home harder than attending CCI puppy classes. On the first night of the 7-session Kinderpup class that started January 12, Kyndall looked like this:

011315 Class-Kyndall
She was not quite 3 months old then.

The session ended last night, and she already looks and acts like a poised and (mostly) obedient canine companion, deeply relaxed during the class’s initial cradling exercise,

042115 kinderclass1
Is it possible to BE more relaxed?

…and calmly controlled during the long stretches when all she had to do was watch her fellow students perform.

042115 kinderclass2
Note how she’s resting her chin on my foot, which is several inches off the floor.

Yet even if the time has evaporated way too quickly, it conversely also feels like it’s time to move on and up. Newcomers like the cutie in the photo below have joined the Kinderpup class, and the 6- to 7-month-olds like Kyndall seem legions ahead. The next set of 8 classes, knowns as the Basic course, starts May 4. I’m pretty sure most of the dogs in it will be stars.

042115 Kinderclass3

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