Road trip wrap-up

Other than getting over her resistance to jumping into the car, there were other highlights to our road trip to Scottsdale (Arizona) last weekend. We were there for a conference, and although the presentations didn’t interest her much, Kyndall got her own badge,

042315 roadtrip1and her presence often generated as much excitement as any of the keynote speakers.

She got many opportunities to practice her Under and did well at that.

042315 roadtrp2Still, Unders are pretty boring, as any 6-month-old puppy will attest. Far more interesting to her were the walks she and I took around Scottsdale. Folks there appear to have a culture of leaving water bowls out for dogs (as they do many places in America). But I’ve never had a dog who took much interest in water bowls; most have disdained drinking from them. Kyndall, in contrast, found them fascinating and insisted on lapping out of every one she spotted…

042315 roadtrip5
…be they plain…
042315 roadtrip4
042315 roadtrip3
…or elegant.

Even more diverting than the drink-ups were the bunny rabbits who abound on the grounds of the place where we stayed.

Kyndall was not permitted to chase any of them. But they smelled divine! 

042315 roadtrip7Steve and I were impressed by how good she was on the 6 hours drive each way. Stowed in her car kennel, she never whined or complained.

Still, she seemed awfully happy to see Tucker again.

042215 roadtrip8
Home sweet home.



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