Vacation fun camp

No sooner did she return from our Arizona adventure than Kyndall dashed off on another Exciting Experience. Yesterday afternoon I delivered her to the home of Bob and Lisa Hartman. They're sterling examples of what I think of as the CCI puppy-raiser tribe. They recently raised their first dog, Cabernet, and turned her in for Advanced Training in January. When I put out a call for a puppy-sitter a few months ago, Bob promptly emailed me to volunteer, explaining that although he and Lisa want to raise another puppy at some point, they were planning to take a little break — and happy to accept a few short-termers during that interval.
Complicating life a bit was the fact that just this past Monday, they got The Call, informing them that Cabernet was not destined for a life of service. They picked her up Tuesday. That means the two girls will have each other as playmates, during the two weeks they're together.
When they met yesterday, I wondered if Bob and Lisa would rue their hospitality; the girls raced wildly through the house and gardens, tumbling and leaping. But a few hours later, Bob sent me the photo above, and this one:
As if that weren't convincing evidence that all was well, he also called me this morning to report that the two are getting along splendidly.
Kyndall may be sad to see us when we pick her up on May 9. But I think that's one of the very cool things about raising these dogs — they're learning to be flexible; to adjust to all kinds of circumstances. (That's something I personally been working on for most of my life, and I'm still not there yet.)


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