How to depress a puppy (in three easy steps)

1) Take her to be puppy-sat while you travel somewhere puppies can’t go (i.e. outside the country).

2) Make sure the puppy-sitters have another young dog who wants to play almost non-stop.

3) Return home and collect her.

051015 post-vacay7
That’s all it took to make Kyndall look pretty sad. Steve picked her up yesterday, and she moped around for most of the day. Once in a while, she stood up and whined. I think she was looking for Cabernet, her BFF, recently released back to Bob and Lisa Hartman after a short but unsuccessful experience with Advanced Training up in Oceanside.

From what Bob told us, it’s easy to understand why Kyndall would feel life has suddenly changed for the worse. After a wildly boisterous introduction to each other that worried me a tad, Bob sent us reports that were highly reassuring.

They loved being together, he emailed us. They would play and play and play and then collapse for a cuddly nap.

051015 snuggling

“Neither is more dominant (although Cabernet has more guttural sounds) and is a bit stronger.” They loved playing tug of war with toys, then when one of them succeeded at getting the toy for herself, she would immediately bring it back and offer it up for more fun. They also had a couple of play dates with other CCI trainees, including a 3-month-old and an older fellow (Volt) who’s about to depart for Advanced Training.

051015 tugging

By their last night together, they played so hard that they crashed by 8 p.m.

051015 Wiped out

We’re confident Kyndall will get over the disappointment of being back with us and staid old Mr. Tucker. And it’s time to buckle down and get serious about training again. After all, she is a pup with a purpose.

One thought on “How to depress a puppy (in three easy steps)

  1. Wonderful photos! And better a moping pup than one so happy to see you, you’d suspect it hadn’t been a good sitter experience. Welcome home! See you in the morning.


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