Puppy want a parrot

Steve and I have become a little concerned about Kyndall’s interest in birds. Too keen an interest in chasing them is something that could get her released from Advanced Training (down the road.) She had an experience this week that confirmed she finds them fascinating.

I was visiting my aunt Therese and cousin Tom. They live with Duke, a sweet-tempered, very furry mixed breed dog, and Reba, a charming 2-year-old African gray parrot. I took Kyndall along on the outing, and for the first part of it, she focused entirely on Duke. She wanted to romp with him but I made it clear that wasn’t going to happen, so she settled into an admirable Down Stay.

Only after maybe 30 minutes did she notice Reba’s cage. She stared at it as raptly as a religious vision. When Tom brought Reba out for a closer encounter, Kyndall was all but quivering.

051515 K meets Reba

She didn’t make any aggressive moves (to Reba’s great relief). But clearly this is something for our To Do list: Work on bird desensitization!

One thought on “Puppy want a parrot

  1. That’s a hard one to work on since birds don’t tend to stay around to be investigated. You’d probably like of of Torrey’s jobs: keep the crows out of the yard.


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