A party in the house!

Kyndall is one happy puppy — and likely to remain that way for the coming week. About 3 p.m. today Hopi arrived. Hopi’s a 5-month-old 052915 happyCCI pup who’s in our Basic puppy class. When her puppy-raisers recently put out the word that they needed some sitting for her while they were on vacation, Steve and I responded. We see it in part as payback for all the help we routinely receive from the CCI “village.” But it’s also a way to spice up Kyndall’s so-often-boring routine.

Although Hopi has only been here an hour or two, I can tell that the second mission is clearly accomplished. The two girls have been face-wrestling non-stop, yet for the most part I’ve heard no growling or barking (both taboo in the CCI culture.)

052915 fun

052915 more fun

052915 happy2

They’ve done a bit of racing around the yard at 100 miles per hour, but they can expect to only do a limited amount of that, I’m afraid. For one thing, Hopi immediately fell into the pool (an amenity she lacks at her home). But she redeemed herself by swimming quite calmly to a step, where she exited with no hint she needed life-saving.

We also have been warned that she loves to eat twigs but (unlike Kyndall, who also adores them), Hopi swallows and then regurgitates them (usually in the middle of the night.)

We can do without that. Otherwise, it promises to be a very jolly party.



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