Endlessly amusing

053115 fun timesHaving a young furry houseguest (as we do at the moment) kicks up the workload a notch. But it also greatly increases the chances to observe natural puppy behavior. As far as I can tell, during the daylight hours, that consists of:

85% — wrestling

15% — napping

I’m fascinated by how endlessly amusing they seem to find the wrestling. They make the same moves over and over again — biting each other’s faces and necks, flipping each other over. Hopi gets on top for a minute. Then they reverse. Once in a while, someone makes a mistake and bites a little too hard, provoking a squeak or a scream. But for the most part, all you hear is the heavy breathing. It looks like this:

Steve theorizes that they’re instinctively practicing the moves that they would need, were they wild dogs who had to hunt for a living. Pretty much they’re the same moves they would use if they had to fight an enemy.

But that makes it sounds like work to me, and they’re obviously enjoying themselves immensely. Their tales wag vigorously as they toss each other around.

Today they did seem to calm down a bit, napping together and doing a bit of mutual grooming. But I expect a lot more of the more energetic activity till Hopi goes back to her own family Friday.

053115 apres-rassle
It’s a puppy love fest!




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