Living with 3 big dogs

We’re on Day 5 of life with 3 big dogs, and it’s going just fine. Steve and I long ago vowed never to permanently own three dogs (big or little). It’s just more doggy energy than we can stand (not to mention the dog hair). But we do periodically acquire a third dog — pet-sitting for friends or other CCI puppy raisers. We’re taking care of 5-month-old Hopi until her regular pack members return Friday from a vacation, and what’s striking me about this visit is that the quality of life with 3 big dogs depends greatly on the personality of the third canine.

Hopi has charmed us all. She’s not as beautiful as Kyndall, we think. Or rather, her beauty is the exotic thin-faced long-nosed variety that Picasso captured so well in his famous Chicago statue:

060315 picasso060315 Long nose2

But for someone so young, she’s easy to live with. She walks beautifully on a leash — which makes outings with Team Dog (as we refer to them) manageable.

061315 team dog
Tucker, of course, doesn’t get to wear a cape, which is fine with him. He’s happy to let the young’uns do all the work.

Hopi comes when we call her and follows us from room to room, clearly eager to bask in our presence. She hasn’t destroyed anything or had a single toileting accident.

And I jumped the gun the other day when I said their appetite for wrestling was endless. After the first day or two, they calmed down. Now they play for a while. But then they nap together.

060315 snuggles
Dreams are sweeter when you sleep with a friend.

Or groom each other.

060315 snuggles2
“Got that right ear all spick and span. Now I’ll clean up the left one.”

I also find it adorable when I see one of them run off and then return with a toy that she sticks in the face of the other. Who never refuses to play. It’s almost enough to make one reconsider the no-3-dogs rule. (If one didn’t know better.)

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