A happy homecoming!

I took Kyndall into CCI’s Oceanside kennels exactly three weeks ago yesterday, so early yesterday morning I called to see if she was ready to return home. I was told that the vet tech was out but would be checking the girls when she returned around 11 a.m.

At 1 p.m., I’d still heard nothing, though. So I called again. This time I learned that the vet tech would be testing Kyndall momentarily. And indeed, a few minutes later, the phone rang. It was the vet tech, announcing that the slide smear confirmed our girl was officially OUT of heat.

I ran to the garage only to remember that Steve had gone out with the minivan. It contains the kennel in which we always transport the dogs. My only choice was to leap into our Miata and try to convince myself Kyndall wouldn’t mind riding in the passenger’s seat of the little 20-year-old sports car. About halfway up to Oceanside, it also occurred to me that I’d forgotten both her leash and collar. (Pups go into the kennels essentially naked.) This wasn’t a huge problem, as Christine at the front desk said I could use theirs to walk Kyndall out to my car. A bigger problem was that, since she had never ridden in the Miata, Kyndall refused to get into it. But she still only weighs a fraction under 50 pounds, so I scooped her up and muscled her in.070715 home again1

She’d been happy to see me, but she looked miserable the whole way home. Still, at least we had no car trouble (which could have been truly disastrous, given my lack of any leash or collar for her.)

Once we entered our garage, she started to perk up, and by the time she was racing for the house, she seemed exultant. She greeted Tucker with something approach ecstasy, and he was pretty happy to see her.

070715 home again2

Now we’re readjusting to Puppy Life. (Actually, it doesn’t feel that hard.)


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