Did being in heat change Kyndall?

070915 Kora3
Believe it or not, this is Kora, not Kyndall. One’s an almost identical, but smaller, version of the other.

Some puppy raisers report distinct personality changes in their girls after their first heat ends and they return home from the kennels. I’ve thought we’ve seen that a few times with Kyndall’s predecessors. So I was eager to assess how she seemed after coming home Monday afternoon.

But I can’t tell yet. Our normal routine has been shaken up by a visit from Kora. Kora is a 15-week-old whose puppy-raiser had to fly back East for a few days. Normally, Steve and I would never volunteer to host a pup that young while simultaneously raising our own 8-month-old. But we broke our rule in this case when we learned that Kora lives less than a mile from our house (also, it’s a short stay, less than 4 days).

I was frankly thrilled to discover we were living that close to another CCI team (it’s never happened before.) Kora’s mom, Lisa, a first-time puppy raiser, walked with Kora from her place to ours Sunday afternoon to meet us. And now that we’re almost two days into the visit, I can report it’s going well. Kora’s a sweetheart, well-behaved for her age. I like how happy she seems to be; her tail is almost constantly wagging. She’s unintimidated by Kyndall’s greater size (about 50 pounds to her 33). The two girls play a lot, but they also chill out nicely. Kora has pooped in my office (once, while I was in the midst of a business call), peed on the wood floor inside my bedroom (when no one was looking), and fallen in the pool (happily while Steve had her on the leash and could easily fish her out.) But these are all very normal for a puppy who isn’t four months old yet. (It’s strange to think that Kyndall was at that stage less than 5 months ago.)


070915 Kora1
Immediately after her unexpected dip. Which was followed by a run through some dirt.

The hardest part is managing all three dogs first thing in the morning, when Kora’s little bladder is about to explode. I did it at 5:40 a.m. this morning, and I’m frankly looking forward to Sunday morning, when we’re back to wrangling only two dogs for their morning rituals. Also bad is the stricken expression on Kyndall’s face every lunch time when Kora gets her cup of puppy chow (something CCI pups get weaned from at 6 months). Kyndall seems a tad disconcerted when Kora licks Kyndall’s lips (which is funny given how much Kyndall does it to Tucker.)

070915 Kora2
Kyndall looks like she’s thinking, “This is just weird!” Note how she has commandeered Kora’s cute little dog bed.

Otherwise all is calm. But we’ll have to wait until Sunday for life with Kyndall to truly return to normal. Whatever normal is now.



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