071215 Goodbye Kora1
Kora (left) and Kyndall never seemed to mind sharing our large wire kennel. They still managed to do plenty of wrestling in it.

I’ve always loved the Polish folk tale about the big family who lived in the one-room house. Unhappy about how crowded and chaotic their life was, they consulted the local rabbi. He told them they could fix their problems if they would move their cow inside the house with them.

Dubious, they followed his advice, but it only made things worse. When they complained about this to the rabbi, he calmly directed them to bring their chickens inside too. Subsequent visits resulted in more orders to add goats and geese and pigs. On the verge of going insane, the desperate family returned to the rabbi one final time. He told them to move all the animals back outside. The tiny cottage magically felt like a palace, quiet and orderly and filled only with humans.

Adding a three-and-a-half month-old puppy to our household mix is nowhere near as difficult as adding a whole menagerie. But in the wake of Kora’s departure yesterday, we’re back in our regular groove, and life feels so quiet.

I don’t mean to suggest that Kora was difficult to have around. On the contrary, she was a delightful reminder of just how good a very young pup can be. Friday night we took her to our regular movie/potluck group (leaving Kyndall home, kenneled with Tucker for company), and Kora was better behaved than any puppy we’ve ever taken there — extremely calm and easy-going.

Still, life with just Kyndall and Tucker is even easier. In answer to my question about whether going into heat changed Kyndall, Steve and I think the answer is a qualified Yes. She seems content to spend most of her time resting quietly near us (though Steve suggests she may just be recovering from the rigors of playing with Kora so much).

071215 watching the movie
Dinos are okay. But dogs would be MUCH more interesting…

Last night we also took us with us to a real movie theater. Jurassic World was probably not the best choice to expose her to — there are so many bangs and screams and crashes in the second half of the film. But Kyndall (mostly) maintained her Down/Stay at my side. She even seemed interested in the screen action from time to time.





2 thoughts on “Groovy

  1. We loved your stories about getting your “big girl” home. She’s such a sweetheart. Don’t forget to call us if you need a break. We saw Jurassic World as well….we promise to take her to a better movie! Take Care, Susan and Frank


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