A different sort of Girl Camp!

There are tedious moments in any domestic dog's life, and CCI puppies are no exception. They get left at home in their kennels at times, sometimes for hours. But for me, one of the pleasures of puppy-raising is seeing how many opportunities for fun our charges get.

Kyndall's recent stay at the kennels when she was in heat was probably a mixed bag. We think she had a littermate to wrestle with throughout her stay. But I imagine the weekends still feel endless to animals accustomed to family life.


This weekend we've bundled Kyndall off to a different kind of Girl Camp. Because Steve and I have to attend an out-of-town memorial service (and it isn't possible to take Kyndall with us), she's staying again with Bob and Lisa Hartman. They also hosted her in May. Their first CCI puppy, Cabernet, was released in April and now revels in her career as their home dog. She and Kyndall looooooove each other, so there was much doggy joy when Steve made the drop-off yesterday.

Once again, I deeply appreciate the generous community of puppy-sitters who make it possbile for the full-time puppy-raisers to take breaks from their task. I also believe that having experiences in a variety of homes builds resiliency and flexibility in the dogs. It feels like the classic win-win situation.


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