The peaceable pup

072215 w Cabernet
Cabernet and Kyndall — shortly before parting on Monday.

Kyndall seemed restrained after we collected her from Cabernet’s home Monday afternoon. Then an hour or two after getting home, she threw up. But whatever irritated her stomach couldn’t have been serious. She gobbled down her kibble at dinner time, kept it down, and performed well in puppy class that night. We wondered in passing if her upset tummy might explain how calm she seemed.

But no. She’s been so docile and chilled out since Monday I keep taking pictures; can’t believe what I’m seeing.

072215 sunning
Yesterday, when Steve was eating his lunch outside, he refrained from tethering Kyndall to his chair. I found her like this — NOT destroying the plants or irrigation hoses, NOT digging holes. Just enjoying the feel of the sun on her fur.
072215 more sun
A moment later, she moved down to the pool deck, to sit dreamily.

We still have some things to work on. She’s still jumping on people. She also continues to be the most powerful chewer we’ve ever lived with. She almost never destroys one of our possessions, but the problem is she doesn’t have many of her own that satisfy her without being torn to shreds.

At times I can’t resist letting her gnaw on one of the hard nylon toys I got at Costco. She looks so happy, lost in the pleasure of working on it.

072215 nylachew

But usually, I start hearing ominous crunching and grinding noises before long, and I worry she’ll chew so hard she breaks a tooth (as CCI has warned can happen). The “Goughnut” toys — made of a rubber that’s supposed to be both indestructible but soft enough to avoiding damaging puppy teeth — are among the only objects of which CCI actually approves.

We bought a couple for our last puppy, Dionne, and she pointedly disdained them, even when I boiled them in beef broth as one authority suggested. Kyndall wasn’t wild about them either, at first.

The other day, however, I found her chomping on the Goughnut stick. More evidence of what a good girl she’s turning out to be!

072215 Goughnut chewing




One thought on “The peaceable pup

  1. Tip for helping a pup from jumping on people: get a spray bottle, fill it with water and a little lemon juice OR white vinegar. Every time he/she jumps, say no and squirt just one little spray in his/her face. It won’t hurt the dog but it’s unpleasant enough so that they eventually associate jumping with something they don’t like. Just be sure it’s diluted enough. Spray a bit on your own face and you’ll know if it’s too strong or too weak.


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