Cool girl

081015 cool girl

Yesterday was one of those rare days, when we let our guard down and allowed Kyndall to hang out in the back yard, only loosely supervised. It was Sunday, and Steve was puttering in the garden, so he would glance at her from time to time. The figs on our tree are reaching full ripeness; at least a dozen or two fall to the ground every day, and Kyndall is wild about the taste of them, so she clearly ate plenty. But here’s the news:

While she may be pooping at least twice the normal quantity, she did NOT throw up. She didn’t do anything else bad, either. Part of the day, she didn’t even hang out outside, but relaxed with me up on my office. (Kyndall really knows how to chill.)

It was almost boring. Clearly we’ve reached the stage of puppy-raising with her where there’s less to report, at least from one day to the next. But Steve and I have come to think dogs who graduate have to be a little boring. Kyndall’s got a long way to go — more than 9 months till she begins Advanced Training. But we’re feeling optimistic.


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