It’s easy to say, “Let sleeping puppies lie,” but the question is: where? When they’re little fur balls, there’s no question. They sleep in the baby kennels that we borrow from CCI. Being confined helps with the house-breaking process, as 090315 old denmost dogs have an innate aversion to soiling their dens.

The day comes when the pup is too small to fit in the little kennel, so in our house, we then return the small box to CCI and move our medium-size crate up to our bedroom. That’s where Kyndall’s been sleeping for months. But lately she’s been looking cramped.

We thus decided to give her a chance to sleep outside the box. We never got to that stage with our last puppy, Dionne, who was so mischievous she would invariably find a way to get in trouble at 2 a.m. in the dark. Every night.

090315 sleep site

But Kyndall’s generally so well-behaved we decided to give her a chance. We removed the medium-sized kennel from our bedroom, replacing it with her little sleeping mat. Steve snapped a rope on her collar and attached it to a grommet in the wall. She didn’t bother us that night — but silently chewed on the rope, almost gnawing through it by morning.

Rather than give up, I suggested we try letting her sleep untethered. We’ve done this for two nights in a row, and nothing bad has happened! She hasn’t tried to sneak into bed with us. She hasn’t nosed my head or annoyed Tucker (who sleeps on a big cushion a few feet away). She hasn’t decided that the nearby loveseat would be even more comfortable than the sleeping mat.

We can hardly believe it, but we’ll continue to see how it works out over time.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping outside the box

  1. Soooo happy to have your blogs back in this format!

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