Miss Manners

I think Kyndall is the most polite puppy we’ve ever lived with — at least when it comes to other dogs. Around humans, we’re still working on things. At 10 and a half months, she still gets too excited when someone new makes an appearance (or a familiar person returns to the house). She’s still all too prone to stick her nose in personal spaces where it does not belong.

090815 politeness 2
Please, sir. Won’t you even notice that I’m standing her, crying to be allowed passage?

But when it comes to the venerable Mr. Tucker, Kyndall does things we’ve never witnessed before. For example, if he’s sprawled out on a landing (a common sight), Kyndall will not even attempt to walk over or around him. She’ll whine, sadly, as if suggesting that she really wishes he would move. But she waits patiently until he does.

090815 politeness
Note that Kyndall is on the higher landing, unwilling to be rude and step over Tucker.

On one of the increasingly rare moments when he’s feeling frisky and has a toy or a ball, she not only gives no thought to stealing it from him, she won’t even chase it if I take and throw it to both of them.

I’m not sure if Tucker appreciates this deference. He should.

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