Art crawler

I am pleased to report that puppies like art. Or, to be more precise, our puppy did not disgrace herself on the Barrio Art Crawl Saturday night. The barrio in question was Barrio Logan, that slowly gentrifying neighborhood spread out in the shadow of the Coronado Bridge, where a lively community of artists has taken root. Steve and I and Kyndall began the evening by meeting up with some friends for extremely delicious tacos and ceviche at Salud, the hip newish “taco pub” at the corner of Logan and Sampson. While we gorged, Kyndall did an extended “under” even though it required her to crawl under the quite low bench of a picnic table. There she snoozed.

Then we moseyed along, stopping in at a number of the interesting gallery gatherings. Some were noisy and crowded, but she remained calm.

091415 art crawl4
Photograph by Howie Rosen

091415 art tour1

The evening included some pretty strange sights…

091415 art tour2
Photograph by Robert Schneider
091415 art crawl3
Photograph by Robert Schneider

But none of it seemed to bother her. She thought the most interesting thing was one encounter with a curious cat. But even then, she kept it together. On nights like that, it feels like she’s our own little art work. In progress.

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