The ever more flexible puppy

Kyndall is getting yet another lesson in resiliency and adaptability. This morning I dropped her off at the home of Diana and John Vines, seasoned CCI puppysitters. They took care of Dionne for us on one of our trips, and they agreed to host Kyndall for the first week we'll be traveling in Asia. (Kyndall will then go to another puppysitter, in order to lessen the burden on each of her caretakers.)

The Vines home should not have been completely unfamiliar to Kyndall; she visited it for one long afternoon when she was just a tiny puppy (and Steve and I were on a beach hike that was way too long for her at such an early age). But this morning, it was impossible to discern whether she recognized her surroundings. She was smiling and wagging her tail — but she does that almost everywhere.

Diana had a full morning of outings on which she was planning to take Kyndall along. I felt reasonably sure our girl would be well-behaved. She usually is. And besides, learning to keep it together no matter where you are or who's holding the leash is all part of the program.



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