Home again, home again

Steve’s mother became ill when we were in Asia, so we cut short our travels after two weeks to come back and help her out. This mean we collected Kyndall much earlier than anticipated from her gracious puppy-sitters. We were delighted to hear the positive comments about her behavior in our absence — and delighted to have her back again. We missed her on the road.

But I suspect if she could talk she’d be less than enthusiastic about returning to her mundane routines around here (particularly when we’re still dealing with jet lag and re-entry.) Although she wasn’t staying with another puppy, life away from home was probably less boring.

101415 Kyndall 2

I’d like to point out to her that things could be worse. All over Bangkok and Bhutan  we saw lots of dogs who looked like they were dead. They actually weren’t dead but were sleeping in dead-dog positions. You can walk right up next to them and they don’t so much as twitch. Our friend Howie was so struck by their appearance he began a series for a photo essay.  Here are two examples:101415 Dead dog1

101415 Dead dog2
Photographs by Howie Rosen

I showed these to Kyndall, who told me she was pretty sure she would enjoy the roaming-around-free and pack barking sessions and scavenging enjoyed by the faux-dead Asian street dogs. But she doesn’t have a choice. She’s not going to Asia. Moreover, now that we’re back in the groove, we have no plans to place her with any puppy-sitters again until her Turn-In next May.

101415 Kyndall 1
Turn-in will probably be very exciting. But it still seems like a long way off.

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