Happy Birthday, Kyndall!!!

101815 Birthday girl

We thought we would have to miss Kyndall’s first birthday; originally we weren’t supposed to get back from our recent travels until tomorrow. But one small side effect of Steve’s mother becoming ill is that our earlier return home has allowed us to be here for Miss K’s big day.

With some chagrin, I have to admit we’re not doing anything very special. We did take Kyndall on a long w101815 Kyndall and Grandmaalk up the hill this morning. And then she got to accompany us to the nursing unit where Steve’s mother is being cared for. Kyndall’s very fond of Carol, and she was eager to sneak a quick cuddle and a kiss.

We also took her to the school field near our house for an off-leash romp, something we rarely do. We rarely do this because she won’t chase and retrieve balls there but prefers to  run wild. And that’s not part of her Program.

Finally, looking at our remaining 7 months together, Steve and I took a hard look at the areas where we think Kyndall most needs improvement. As wonderful as she is in most ways, we’re still concerned about her resistance to getting caped. And she still seems prone to being distracted by other dogs.

We’re not sure how to work on the latter. But I have an idea for some Positive Cape Conditioning. I’ll be reporting here as we put it into action.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kyndall!!!

  1. It’s so beautiful and touching how Kyndall shows her love and caring for Steve’s mom. Happy birthday to a very special pup! Suzy and Frank.


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