Battle of wills

The battle of wills currently unfolding in my house is between Kyndall and me. I’m trying to train her to enjoy the old-fashioned, tried and true doggy favorite game of Fetch. She’s not much interested in balls, but she loves sticks and her chewy toys, and if she could learn to reliably run and fetch them when I threw them, bring them back to me, and do this over and over again, I would have an easy and effective way to provide her with exercise.

She’s perfectly happy to run and fetch them and bring them to me. But her idea of a jolly good time is for me to then try and pull the fetched object out of her mouth (in other words, to play not Fetch but Tug of War). Kyndall finds that game to be wildly entertaining! I dislike it, however, because it burns up too much of my energy, and she can clamp down on anything so hard it’s almost impossible to prize it out of her jaws. It’s also easy to get bit, by accident.

This video provides a glimpse of the conflict between us.

I’m pretty confident she will not convert me to an ardent Tugger. But I wouldn’t bet money I’ll be able to make her into a Fetch devotee. For now, however, we’ll continue to work on each other.

3 thoughts on “Battle of wills

  1. My CCI service dog doesn’t particularly love fetch (he’ll run after it, then either run back to me without it or lay down with it to chew!), but he LOVES to get on command. Who knows!


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