Not so dog festive

111615 dogfest1

The big annual fundraiser for the southwest region of CCI is called DogFest. This year’s event took place this past Saturday, and Kyndall and I had signed up months ago to work in the “Hug-a-Pup” booth.  I had done that two years ago with Dionne, and we both enjoyed it. Unfortunately this year I signed up for a shift from 11:30 a.m. to noon — at the tail end of the event. We wound up missing out.

Even though we showed up 20 minutes early and checked in at the volunteer booth as directed, when we arrived at the booth to work, we discovered that some of the eager-beaver clean-up crew had already taken away the signs for it! So there was nothing to do but stroll around.

That was just fine with Kyndall, who was happy to receive hugs and pets for free. (In the booth, that was supposed to be a fund-raising activity.)

111615 dogfest3

Apparently lots of funds were raised without us. The website says the goal for the day was $150,000, and more than $165,000 was raised.

I’ve learned my lesson: the next time I have a puppy in training who can participate in a DogFest, we need to arrive bright and early. (Hopefully Kyndall will be an actual working dog by then.)

111615 dogfest2




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