Old home week

112515 CCI trio
#1 (Tucker), #4 (Darby), and #6 (Kyndall)

Steve and I have had 6 CCI puppies in our career as puppy-raisers (including Kyndall, our current trainee). At the moment, 50% of them are with us.

That’s because Darby, who was released from the program and went to live with our friends Joe and Kerri, is staying with us while her family celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday in New Mexico. As Steve notes, it’s always particularly pleasant when Darby visits, as she has done several times. She lived with us from the time she was 8 weeks old to a year and a half, so she fits in better than almost any other canine guest; falls immediately back into our daily routines.

112515 K&D2
Darby knows that in the evening we sometimes all go downstairs to watch television and groom our hairy friends.

She seems a little less ravenous for non-stop wrestling with Kyndall than some of Kyndall’s young pals (like Kora), but that makes sense. Darby will turn 5 at the beginning of January. We noted with a little pang the first sprinkling of white among the hairs on her otherwise coal-black chin.

Still, the two girls seem to be enjoying each other. They’ve done some playing and some chilling.

112515 K&D1

Darby is wet in the photo, which I took almost immediately after her arrival, because one of the first things she did was to jump in the pool and cruise around. But look at that smile on Kyndall’s face.  That’s her reaction to pretty much any young houseguest. She’ll be among those of us tomorrow who are giving thanks.


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