Slo-mo silliness

A few weeks ago, our multi-talented friend Bob Schneider (dog lover, schutzhund competitor, photographer, videographer) passed along some links to the work of a photographer named Carli Davidson that he knew I would enjoy. Davidson recently has been capturing hilarious freeze-frame images of dogs in mid-shake. They’re highly amusing, but I was even more tickled by the slow-motion videos produced by Davidson and the production company Variable. Just try to watch them and not laugh.

I commented to Bob and Alberto Lau that it would be fun if we could catch Kyndall in the act of shaking. Bob and Albie are very intrepid. They’re working on a documentary film project about puppy-raising that substantially focuses on Kyndall, and they immediately took the bait.

It wasn’t easy! To get her wet, I had to pour water on poor Kyndall’s head with a watering can, torment to which she reacted reproachfully; none of us had the heart to do it too many times. Dogs don’t shake themselves dry for very long in real time, so it was tricky for the guys to catch the action. Their fancy cameras took a long time to record what they got.

Still, we felt that the following succeeded at least to some extent. (Kyndall doesn’t want to do any re-takes.)

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