Kyndall slays Las Vegas

Having been introduced to casino life in Reno this summer, Kyndall has moved on to the big time.120215 Vegas girls

Steve and I drove with her to the Las Vegas Strip yesterday afternoon, and she and I have settled into a little routine at the Venetian Resort and Casino.

120215 Venice
Good thing I’m not much of a water dog, or I might be tempted to jump into one of the faux canals.

Gambling wasn’t on our agenda. Steve’s here for work, and as I have done in the past, I packed up my computer and set up shop in our hotel room. I first did this with Brando six years ago (at the Mandalay Bay), and I was stunned by the reactions his presence seemed to generate. People fawned over him! They exclaimed and took his picture and all but followed us. I chalked it up to the startling juxtaposition of innocent little puppy with the anti-Nature vibe that’s the essence of Vegas. Two years ago, I returned with Dionne, who was then 14 months old. Somehow she didn’t get the same ardent reactions Brando got. I theorized that maybe it was her color (coal black instead of blonde). Still, she and I had some fun, so I decided to try it once more with Kyndall. It didn’t take me long to conclude: when it comes to puppies in Las Vegas, at least, blondes are more adorable.

Guards and security personnel wave us past with love-struck eyes. (Obviously no terrorist or thief would have a blonde puppy, right?) Gamblers stop in their tracks and ask for a “puppy fix.”

120215 Fan
This young lady asked if she could visit us in San Diego to learn how to train puppies.  Seriously.

Kyndall has been flawless. I can’t count the number of times we’ve walked right by the spot where Dionne squatted down next to a bank of elevators here at the Venetian and peed a LAKE. So far, Kyndall seems light years beyond such a transgression. We’ve gone for a couple of long walks down the Strip and in the casino, and she’s been curious and interested at all the odd sights. But unflappable.

120215 Stairs
Some of the staircases could make a girl feel like a movie star.

I’ll try to push her a bit more today and Thursday. But so far, she seems born to the neon life.

120215 mirror
Does this cape make me look fat?




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