A puppy under the Christmas tree

Last year we got Kyndall just one week before Christmas. The tree was already erected on the day she arrived at our house, and the thought of her tugging at a branch and bringing down the whole thing terrified us. Our solution was to erect a barricade. Though ugly, it worked well enough, and no harm ever came to tree or puppy. 122614 Xmas pup3

This year we were still a little nervous about the combination of huge and not-all-that-stable tree with very young dog, particularly when the former is adorned with shiny, dangly objects. But aside from chewing on some of the fallen pine needles, Kyndall has shown no interest in destroying any Christmas ornamentation, arboreal or otherwise.

121215 Kyndell under the tree
I posed her for this shot. Steve warned that I was tempting fate, but I don’t think so.

What worries me more is that Kyndall might miss Christmas altogether this year. She went into heat on June 15, so in three more days she’ll be exactly six months out from that. Although we’ve seen no clear signs yet that she’s ready to go into heat again, I’ve been told (by one of the puppy-raising managers) that many dogs cycle every six months, like clockwork.

I have my fingers crossed that she’ll hold out a wee bit beyond that. Both our sons will be arriving home next week to celebrate the holiday. It would be a shame for them not to get a bit of puppy love for Christmas.



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