Christmas catch-up

I got my Christmas puppy wish: Kyndall held off and did NOT go into heat, which meant she was able to remain home while the far-flung members of our pack returned for the holiday.

123115 Christmas recap

She also refrained from any attacks on the tree or presents. We’ll take the tree down on Sunday, so I think we’re in the clear.

That’s not to say the holiday was entirely without incident. For their gifts, I bought treats from Petsmart that I thought were safe: presumably indestructible bone-like objects made by Nylabone. Kyndall was deliriously happy to receive hers. She dashed off into another nearby room and settled down to chewing on it.

It wasn’t until that evening, that we realized BOTH of the new bones were missing. What made me notice this is that Kyndall had no interest in eating her dinner. She’s no super-chowhound, but she always eats. It was about then that we wondered what had happened to the faux bones. By bedtime, we were pretty sure she had somehow eaten both of them. I worried this might kill her, but she bounded out of bed the next morning and in the succeeding days seemed none the worse for wear. Still, I won’t repeat that mistake.

010115 party animal smaller mayber
She was just 10 weeks out when she greeted the between of 2016.

Last year we took her to our friends’ annual New Year’s Eve party because she was too little to leave home alone. Tonight instead she’ll hunker down for a long winter’s nap. But we’ll give her a peanut-butter-filled Kong. That’s not a horrible way to start the New Year.



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