Will a watched pup go into heat?

010916 Waiting1Waiting for Kyndall to go into her second heat, I feel like I’m eyeballing the proverbial pot for signs of boiling. Not only has it been more than six months since Kyndall’s first heat began, but Monday morning, her older sister, Kihei, started. And last time, Kyndall was just a few days behind Kihei.

So I’ve been on edge all week, looking for signs. Swelling. Drips. The one thing we’ve noticed is that Mr. Tucker seems to be sniffing her lady parts with more interest than normal (he may be fixed, but he’s not dead). Still, there’s nothing more than that yet, and Steve says I’m paying too much attention to all of this.

Maybe. It’s not like the situation with Dionne, where she went into heat right before Turn-in (and thus missed the whole ceremony). Still, the timing does impact our lives. As soon as she starts, one of us will have to transport Kyndall up to Oceanside; that always ends up being at least a 2-hour activity. Moreover, if she doesn’t start soon, she’ll likely miss the opportunity to go up to the mountains with us at the end of the month, where I’ve been hoping to introduce her to snow.

So I check and check.

010916 Waiting2
She knows the drill; almost does an automatic Roll when I approach.

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