Reproductive drama

011816 sloppy sitter
Kyndall just wants to hang out with Kora. She’s not picky where. 

After waiting and waiting and WAITING for Kyndall to start her second heat cycle, we’ve suddenly got a bit too much action.

The action started Saturday morning, when her good buddy Kora, who’s being raised only a few blocks away from us, came over to play for a while. She’s done this several times before, but this time I had asked Kora’s puppy-raiser, Lisa, if Kyndall might spend the afternoon with the two of them, as Steve and I were going to be in Tijuana for most of the day. Lisa readily assented, but wanted to let the girls first run around wildly (as they usually do upon being reunited) in our large yard, rather than her cozy condo. She then took the two of them off with her. She brought them back in the evening, and Kora spent the night and all of Sunday morning with us.

Kora’s almost 10 months old, and she hadn’t yet gone into heat. I pointed out to Lisa how swollen Kyndall looked, and Lisa reflected that Kora had been looking swollen and doing a lot of licking herself. But neither of us had been seeing any sign of blood.

Until Sunday night. That’s when a noticed a distinct red drip from Kyndall, with more blood on the tissue when I dabbed her. I texted Lisa this news. This morning, she called to tell me that Kora had followed suit.

Is this some weird hormonal voodoo, an example of two girls going into season because their hormones and scents somehow kick off the mutual action? Who knows. But Lisa and I were thrilled by the thought that maybe the two dogs could be roommates up in Sex Jail.

I was out when I got Lisa’s message, and when I got home, there was more news from her, this time much more disturbing. She had called up to the CCI headquarters in Oceanside and learned that it was mostly closed because of the national holiday. But she spoke to someone in the kennel who told her they weren’t taking any more females because of the upcoming Team Training session that will begin in two weeks. Instead Lisa was told she should look for a private kennel where Kora could be boarded while she was in heat.

This makes no sense to me. We had to turn in Dionne just before a team-training session began in May of 2014. And the idea of locking Kyndall up in a cage for which we would have to pay $30 a day for three weeks also sounds pretty outrageous.

We plan to call CCI tomorrow to get a clearer idea of what’s going on. To be continued…



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