The Holiday Pet Hotel

Our house so quiet. The back door is open, so that Mr. Tucker can wander in an out at will. I set my alarm for 5:35 this morning, instead of 5:25, because I didn’t have to make a run to the backyard with Kyndall before departing for my 6 a.m. class at the gym. (Tucker has NO desire to rise before dawn.) All these changes have occurred because Kyndall has checked into the Holiday Pet Hotel.

012016 hoetel

Yesterday, as I had planned, I called CCI first thing to discuss Kyndall’s heat with Jules, the puppy program assistant. As Kora’s puppy-raiser Lisa had heard the day before, I learned that the CCI kennels aren’t accepting any females in season at the moment. Jules explained the complex juggling act that plays out at the Oceanside facility four times each year, as each graduation ceremony approaches — when typically several dozen dogs are turned in to begin their Advanced Training. Because space in the kennels will be needed to accommodate all those newcomers, the CCI staff at some point has to stop accepting temporary guests to make room and allow time to clean the facility thoroughly.

What had confused me was that our last puppy, Dionne, went into heat just three weeks before turn-in, and she had been accepted into the Oceanside facility. But that’s because she was already scheduled to be part of the incoming class, Jules explained. In contrast, Kyndall won’t be turned in until mid-May.

Given the situation, Jules recommended that Lisa and I check the girls into the Holiday Pet Hotel, up in Encinitas. She added that there the manager, Karina Rocker, was particularly attuned to the needs of CCI puppy-raisers because she had raised several CCI puppies herself.

This did reassure me, along with the fact that Kora and Kyndall would be allowed to room together.  So yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I dropped the girls off. The “hotel” is a converted residence on a quiet residential street on a bluff overlooking Interstate 5. Karina and her co-worker seemed friendly and kind (even though they wouldn’t let us see the kennels. They said that tends to confuse the dogs during their stay). Best of all was that Karina this morning sent the photo (below), along with word that “Kyndall has settled in nicely.” She added, “After Kora and Kyndall played a little in their kennel, they relaxed. I also took the two of them out to play in your play yard with Estelle (the other CCI girl in season). They had a great time. The three of them played chase and wore each other out. Kyndall loved to have the toy and have the others chase her.”012016 kennel report1

Karina says the owner of the boarding facility is herself a vet tech, and she will ascertain when the girls are ready to be released — probably in about three weeks. That feels like an awfully long time from now.

One thought on “The Holiday Pet Hotel

  1. I’m glad the situation was well resolved. If you’re too lonely, there’s probably a CCI pup trainer out there who’d be glad to let you have the pup for 3 weeks!!!


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