Happy camper

Funny how things sometimes turn out. At the news (two weeks ago) that CCI’s kennels were unavailable, and Kyndall would have to go through her second heat cycle in some strange facility, I was initially appalled. But now that she’s been in the Holiday Pet Hotel for almost two weeks, I realize this is much better than what we’ve ever experienced before with our CCI females in season.

That’s because of the charming updates we’ve been receiving from sometime CCI-puppy raiser and kennel employee Karina Rocker. (From CCI, we’ve never heard anything before when our puppies were in Girl Camp, until we got the call or email telling us they were ready to be retrieved.) In contrast, Karina has written several times with news and photos. Here’s the latest, received yesterday:

013116 kyndell1

“Kyndell continues to do well,” Karina emailed. “She is such a sweet girl and seems to have an easy going personality…. I had her up in the kitchen area while I prepared the food for the kennel. She held her down well. Occasionally she would break, especially if I moved away but then corrected herself once I told her don’t. There is occasional food on the ground in the kitchen area which she didn’t seem to even notice or look for. I even dropped some food on the ground (on purpose) I am not sure if she was going to go for it or not because she kind of moved as if she was going to eat it. But all I had to do was say don’t, and she ignored it. I did it again and she didn’t even try to go for it. I also had her in the office doing an under which she did well with.”

If things proceed normally, I’m expecting we’ll be able to go get her sometime in the week after this coming one.

(I’m just not so sure she’ll be all that happy to leave.)




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